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What’s Going On in the United States?

I have only been living on this planet for 38 years, and have had the benefit of living in one of the greatest countries in the world. But what does being the greatest really mean. We’re the wealthiest nation?

How can we truly be considered the wealthiest, when we still have homeless citizens? 

How can we claim to be the greatest when racism consumes us at the core?

How can we be the greatest when legal corruption within the government is committed with no repercussions? “LEGAL CORRUPTION”! Are you serious?

Why is gas so high? Why are wages so low? Why is competition so out of control? How are all religions right?


This country has the potential to be the example needed to send the human existence into a direction of growth and enlightenment, but instead, we feed off of each other like wild animals. We attack and infect each other like rabid dogs. Our concerns are for the indiviual instead of the whole. Does competition really help or is it the seed of chaos and corruption planted and nourished in the blossoming minds of its citizens. I wonder.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not going to bash the nation without singing praise. I love the United States. I jut feel that this country could be so much more, if it relieved itself of the wasteful exploits in the disquise of progress.

What do you think? 


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